The Perils of Insuring a Listed Building

GSI Insurance has more than a decade of experience specialising in Listed Buildings, and here outlines just a few of the pitfalls to consider.


Old House Project

We look at one of SPAB’s on-going restoration projects which aims to show what can be done to bring an ‘at risk’ building back into use.


Master Glass Painter

Louise Tomlin meets the man behind John Corley Stained Glass Studio which undertakes the design and manufacture of new commissions, and the conservation and restoration of historic stained glass.


Saving Our Hertiage

As new life is being breathed into the disused All Saints Church at Hawkhurst, a local roofing firm is ensuring that the building has a watertight future.


Talent Will Out

Louise Tomlin talks to Karl Terry about two things that are extremely close to his heart – his love of art and his passion for specialist conservation roofing work.


A New Roof Over Their Heads

We revisit the Chestfield Barn pub and restaurant now that its crowning glory, a brand-new thatched roof, has been completed


Saved for the Nation

An exquisite model dairy in Kent has been lovingly restored and is soon to star on Channel 4


Raising the Thatched Roof

We take a look at Chestfield Barn’s re-roofing as Glen Charter and his team undertake the massive project to replace the thatch on this grade 2 listed barn.


Conservation in Action

We look at the work of Conservation Construction


Period Property Renovation – Our Guide to Success

Returning your home to it’s former glory can be expensive, but knowing how to remodel certain aspects of it can give the whole ambience a period feel.