brick wall

Another Brick in the Wall

Brick can be one of the most durable building materials. Not infrequently, however, poor repairs, a lack of maintenance and inappropriate alterations lead to trouble.

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Roof Lanterns

If there’s one thing guaranteed to lift the spirits, it’s a bright sunny day. In winter, a short burst of sunshine can give an immense boost to the flagging human system after a period of gloom – and who doesn’t look forward to longer, lighter days?


Hearts of Oak

With its impressive green credentials, as well as its longevity and versatility, oak is the natural choice for many homeowners.


Bring in the Light

Often referred to as the eyes of a house, windows play a vital role in defining the character of a period property


A Hidden Gem Uncovered

Adrian wood explains how he painstakingly restored a historical ‘chocolate box’ grade II listed 16th century thatched cottage to provide the perfect 21st living accommodation


Sweet Success with Chocolate-Box Charm

A few pointers for those looking to breathe life back into a traditional cottage